The Truth About Spring Replacement Warranties

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How Do Garage Door Torsion Springs Work?

Garage Door Torsion Springs Break. All Of them Break. There Is NO magical Spring!

     Some Companies Want you To believe That They Have Exclusively Found A Spring Replacement To END ALL REPLACEMENTS. This Is A Myth. All Springs Are Based On A Cycle Life. A Cycle Is One Time Up and One Time Down. When Calculating How Long A Spring Will Last It has Less to do With The Spring And More To Do With How Frequently You Use Your Garage Door.

    The Average Spring Last 7-9 years and is a 10,000 Cycle Spring. For Example That is 365 days x 10yrs =3650 days x 3 cycles a day = 10950 total cycles. If the door goes up and down twice in the morning and Twice in the evening then Your spring will break sooner for example: 365 days x 8 years = 2920 days x 4 cycles a day = 11,680 cycles in just 8 years.

     well, Some Companies offer 50,000 Cycle Springs?!

ha ha ha. they are lying. They don’t. As shown in a Commonly Used Spring Engineering Tool You can get to 50k Cycles But I can promise you with some Certainty that they are not using the springs required to get you there.  The Engineering shows a 283 spring that is Almost 4′ long x 2 That is almost 8′ of Spring and two guages bigger than what they will probably actually use.

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What Spring Does One Clear Choice use?

Here is a little more realistic estimation for the spring that will be used by ALL garage door companies to Lift a 16×7 250 lb door on torsion. DASMA has added 25% life rating on Zinc Alloy Springs.

The springs shown below are 30 inches long and a much lighter guage spring. Again, you can get them bigger and badder but it is not what Garage Door Companies carry Standard On there Trucks, and If they are NOT 283x2x43.5 (x2) or Bigger Then They are NOT 50k Springs!